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An international team ready to improve the education sector with innovative solutions

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People with different backgrounds but with the same values

Lorenzo Daidone

CEO & Co-Founder

Francesca Restuccia

CCO & Co-Founder

Angelo Sterlini

CTO & Co-Founder

María Onieva Montalbán

Spain Business Developer

Robert Galan

Full-stack Developer

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The values that drive us

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We believe in the importance of developing accessible and inclusive tools that are useful to everyone in different contexts, without distinction.

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We believe that every person, put in the right conditions, should be able to freely express their strengths and uniqueness.


We believe in the importance of active involvement of the people targeted by our technology, to build valuable tools together.

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Every decision and action must have the people we address at the center, respecting the values we adhere to regardless of business logic.