A perfect tool for the inclusive learning of your students

Customizable and accessible in all its features according to their needs

Reasy offers tools that help your students address their needs throughout their school or academic journey
From the 3rd year of primary school to university
With Reasy, everyone is supported in their own learning style


The teacher's role is to guide the student in the improvement of intellectual abilities, helping them to face challenges.

Reasy fits into this process as a facilitator, without replacing the cognitive work that the student must do with their own study materials.

Who benefits most of Reasy?

  • Students with Specific Learning Disorders (SLD), particularly those with dyslexia
  • Students with Special Educational Needs (e.g. foreign students who need to learn the language)
  • Students learning a foreign language

For all, no one excluded

Each student is unique, and Reasy knows this well.
Changing the font type, size, and line spacing of the text, colouring characters, speech synthesis with highlighted words and much more.

Plus - Cloudly X Webflow Template
Many customisations and features
Student study better in the way they prefer

Resources available for printing

It's possible to download and print maps, summaries, keywords, and the entire text customised according to students preferences.

Study offline wherever they want
Access offline the material they created

On any device

Reasy is available on computer, smartphone and tablet.  
At school, at home or on the go, Reasy is always with your students!

Changes are always synchronised
All features always available

Reasy for Chrome

Everyone read and learn online in your own way

Customization of every web page
and access to all Reasy features

  • Font, size and line spacing
  • Textual and image dictionary
  • Summary
  • Conceptual map
  • Text-to-speech synthesis
  • Keywords


Do you want to enhance inclusion and accessibility in your school or university with Reasy?

Grants and fundings

They are periodically activated and enable the purchase of Reasy


We are on the italian Public Administration's online portal for purchases

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the use of Reasy work?

Reasy can only be used with a licence that is linked to the institutional email of the school or university (e.g. @uniroma.com).

How can I purchase Reasy on the MEPA?

You can make an RDO (direct request for tender) by searching for Tech4All s.r.l on the MEPA.

Where can I use Reasy?

Reasy is available on computers, smartphones, and tablets. All these devices can be used with the license linked to the institutional account, and changes are synchronized.

Is Reasy for Chrome sold separately?

No, our offer includes Reasy for Chrome. We believe that these are complementary tools for the accessibility and inclusion of every student's learning.

Do you provide support materials for using Reasy?

Yes, we provide instructions and video tutorials to help understand all the capabilities of Reasy.

Are updates of Reasy included in the purchase?

The university and school will always use the updated version of Reasy.